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Information: Fiesta Party Supplies & Rentals is your source for the best party supplies in Fresno, CA. Fiesta Party Supplies & Rentals can make sure that you have everything you need in order to host an amazing party. Fiesta Party Supplies & Rentals specializes in bounce house rentals, custom made pinatas, party rentals, water slide rentals, balloons and decorations, table and chair rentals, tent rental services and linen rental services. If you are looking for any of these items for your party, then we are your number one go to source to get your needs taken care of. If you are about to throw a wedding and quinceanera party, then we are your source for all your decorations. You can rest assured that we will have everything that you need and want here. No party is complete without our help.

Fiesta Party Supplies & Rentals can provide you with bounce house rentals. If you plan to have children attending your party, then there is nothing more entertaining to a child than a bounce house. Our bounce house rentals are the best in the area and you can be sure that we will have the perfect bounce house for your party at the perfect price for your budget. If you are ready to have all the kids properly entertained while the party is going on, then be sure to contact us and we can answer all your bounce house related questions. If you are in search of a water slide, look no further than Fiesta Party Supplies & Rentals for all your water slide rentals. If you happen to be hosting your party during the summer, then a water slide is a great idea to make the party that much more amazing. It is sure to be a hit among children and even adults. A water slide will add a unique touch to any party. Learn More

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